About Us

"It’s an Art Space that we happen to cut hair out of." - Nas Ervin. Built around the concept of creativity and originality, the Museum Barbershop has been a centerpiece of culture in Raleigh for over 3 years. Providing not only high-quality haircuts but also giving local artists a space to display their work and monetize their craft free of charge.

All we ask is that you promote us and we ll promote you.

Owner & Master Barber Nas Ervin had the idea of creating a barbershop with a much different atmosphere than your typical men’s salon. He envisioned a business that showcased the true essence of southern creativity through combining his two loves; art and hair. As we view the art in the Museum, we’re able to feel that state of the community and what’s on the people's mind. And through grooming, our barbers are able to invest in every one of them.